McCormick tractors – X2 Series MClassic 25 hydraulic loader.

New MClassic hydraulic loaders introduced for X2 Series compact McCormick tractors

  • MClassic 25 hydraulic loaders for McCormick X2 compact tractors
  • Full height lift capacity of 740kg to 2.64m; 530kg typical payload
  • Mechanical parallel linkage standard for ease of use and safety

A front-end loader for the new McCormick X2 Series compact tractor line-up has been introduced by distributor AgriArgo UK with mechanical parallel linkage fitted as standard for ease of use and added safety.

The McCormick MClassic 25 loader adds to the versatility and usefulness of the 43hp, 47hp and 54hp mechanical drive tractors, giving them the ability to load and re-handle materials from manure and feed to gravel and soil, or to lift bales, pallets and small bulk containers.

“The X2 Series tractors – which recently replaced our GM models – are small but durable machines that are often used as scraper tractors on dairy farms and for different paddock management and grounds maintenance applications,” says Ray Spinks, general manager and sales director.

“With a loader fitted, the little tractor becomes even more useful, especially as it can get into buildings and other locations that are denied to larger, more powerful tractors and handlers.”

With a lift capacity of 740kg from the ground to the full lift height of 2.60m, the McCormick MClassic 25 loader will typically handle a 530kg payload (measured from the load centre) when equipped with a multi-purpose bucket.

To minimise the risk of spillage back on to the operator – especially important on X2 tractors without a cab – mechanical self-levelling of the attachment is fitted as standard.

“This feature also makes the loader easier to use, of course,” notes Ray Spinks. “Once the bucket or fork has been crowded back, it will remain in the chosen position as the loader arms are raised.”

A quick-attach faceplate makes it easy to switch between different implements and a hydraulic third service is installed for operating attachments such as a muck fork with grab or a four-in-one bucket.

Boom and implement carriage movements are controlled by a cable joystick, making it easy to manipulate the loader and position it accurately.

The lack of joint welds in the loader’s one-piece curved arms adds to the durability of a design that, in its lowered position, keeps the attachment as near the front of the tractor as possible for compactness and good lift performance.

And the matching shape of the combined parallel linkage arms and tip/crowd cylinders not only gives the loader a neat appearance but also ensures the best possible forward visibility.

Two drop-down legs, and quick-attach mechanical and hydraulic couplings, make it easy to remove and mount the MClassic 25 loader, which is available with a selection of performance-matched attachments.

The McCormick X2 Series tractors come with a 12×12 or 16×16 speed transmission, synchro shuttle, and four-wheel drive with a rear diff lock and front limited slip differential.

They can be had with an open operator’s platform and ROPS roll-over protection or with a fully enclosed cab to provide added comfort in all weather conditions.

The new loaders can also be fitted to their predecessors in the McCormick range, the GM Series tractors, and are available from McCormick dealers in Scotland, J T Cormack, Huna, John O’Groats, Caithness; Thomas Murray Agricultural Engineers, Dundonald, Ayrshire; and TH Engineering, Banksfoot near Dalswinton, Dumfries & Galloway.

Fraser C Robb, Drymen near Glasgow; Argyll Agricultural Engineers, Oban, Argyll & Bute; John Drysdale, Kinneswood, Perthshire; and Hamilton Tractors, Carnwath, Lanarkshire.

Brian Smith Engineers, Cornhill; Mark Wood Agri-Sales, Insch and Mearns Tractors, Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire; AL Agri, Forfar, Angus; and A B Wight Engineering, St Boswells, Borders.


McCormick MClassic 25 loader for 43-54hp X2 Series tractors

Lift height to pivot pin


Height beneath level bucket


Dumped bucket clearance


Dump angle – full height


Crowd angle – ground level


Lift capacity – full height


Payload – multi-purpose bucket


Standard equipment includes mechanical parallel lift, cable joystick control, quick-coupling hydraulic hoses, quick-attach latches, drop-down parking legs.


For more information on the X2 Series compact tractor, visit the McCormick product range web page.


McCormick tractors - X2 Series MClassic 25 hydraulic loader

Mechanical parallel linkage on the new McCormick MClassic 25 front-end loader for McCormick X2 Series compact tractors ensures minimum risk of spillage from a bucket or fork.


McCormick tractors - X2 Series MClassic 25 hydraulic loader

The new McCormick MClassic 25 front-end loader for McCormick X2 Series compact tractors.


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