Fitted as standard across the range, providing the ultimate anti-theft deterrent!

When buying a new McCormick tractor you can now enjoy lower insurance premiums and your machines are less likely to be stolen thanks to an industry-leading initiative by AgriArgo.

All new McCormick tractors will be registered with CESAR, the construction and agricultural equipment theft deterrence and vehicle identification scheme, free of charge.

This Government-backed national scheme is operated by vehicle identification specialist Datatag. Several construction and plant hire equipment manufacturers already protect their machines through the scheme; but AgriArgo UK become the first farm equipment supplier to do so.

The move follows the scheme’s recent adoption by AEA, the agricultural equipment industry’s trade organisation.

The scheme works by installing several tiny transponders in random locations on the tractor, together with microscopic Datadots that carry a registration number and unique ‘DNA’ code for each tractor. The transponders – each about the size of a grain of rice – carry a multi-digit code that can be read by thousands of scanners issued to police forces and port authorities throughout the UK and Ireland.

Each code relates to an entry on the CESAR register that gives details of the vehicle and legitimate owner; this information is available to the police at any time of night or day.

The four identification plates attached to the bodywork and chassis are difficult to alter and impossible to remove without damage thanks to the way the adhesive bonds to the paint; so any attempt to get rid of them obviously raises suspicions.

There is no initial or ongoing cost to the buyer or supplying dealer. Anyone buying a used CESAR-registered tractor pays only £15.50 to transfer the registration.

The most tangible benefit for anyone buying a new McCormick tractor is the prospect of cheaper theft insurance. NFU Mutual, which writes the majority of farm insurance policies, says it will apply a 12.5% discount after other adjustments, which on a typical £450 premium, represents a saving of £56 per tractor.

For further information on this scheme, contact your local dealer who will be pleased to assist you or see the 'How DataTag Works' from under the 'downloads' section on the right.